The Bloomfield Civic Band: Who Are We?

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Who are the members of the Bloomfield Civic Band? At a recent concert the band members were asked to identify their day jobs. They are

  • high school students;
  • college students;
  • music teachers (elementary and high school);
  • freelance professional musicians;
  • music teachers who are also freelance professionals;
  • a freelance professional musician who is also a network engineer for a major bank;
  • a retired music teacher;
  • a retired music teacher and university adjunct instructor;
  • a retired music teacher and freelance music engraver;
  • a reporter for two North Jersey newspapers;
  • a machinist;
  • a paraprofessional;
  • attorneys;
  • a music store manager with aspirations of becoming a music teacher;
  • a grant writer with a theater communications group;
  • a chemist;
  • a podiatrist;
  • a graphic designer with an engineering firm who is also a member of two drum corps;
  • a cashier;
  • a stocker and salesperson at a pet store;
  • a freelance musician who is also a self-employed machinist;
  • a homemaker who is hoping to return to the outside workforce soon;
  • a custom framer at an arts and crafts store;
  • a swim instructor who is also a park ranger, a substitute teacher, and a Scoutmaster; and
  • a freelance project manager and editor.

Whew! We do many different things when we’re not playing in the band. We all have one thing in common, though: We enjoy making music in an ensemble. If you enjoy making music and are looking for an ensemble, give us a shout. If you are curious about what such a diverse group of people sounds like, keep your eyes open for announcements about upcoming concerts.

The Bloomfield Civic Band performs outdoors.

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Rehearsals are held at the Bloomfield Middle School on Huck Road from mid-September through mid-June (location may vary). Rehearsals start promptly at 7:30 PM and end at 9:30 PM