“Cajun Folk Songs” and Other Musical Treats

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Frank Ortega, the Bloomfield Civic Band’s Music Director, loves to program concert selections that challenge the band and that fall a little outside of the standard concert band repertoire. One such selection is “Cajun Folk Songs” by Frank Ticheli, which celebrates the music of the Cajuns of Louisiana and South Texas.

French-speaking settlers came to the Acadia region of Canada (now Nova Scotia) in the early 1600s. With the arrival of British rule in the mid-1700s, many Acadians were obliged to leave the province. Some settled in the another French-speaking region in North America, Louisiana, bringing their rich musical traditions with them. Somewhere along the way “Acadian” was mispronounced and “Cajun” culture was born.

“Cajun Folk Songs” consists of two movements. In the first, a beautiful, simple melody is introduced by the alto saxophone and then passed to all the sections of the band. In the second movement, a fast tempo that moves from one time signature to another also drives energetic themes from one section of the band to another. You won’t soon forget this unusual piece.*

Also featured on the program are these selections from the Bloomfield Civic Band’s 2018–2019 indoor concert season:

  • “Autumn Leaves”
  • “Beguine for Flutes”
  • Three movements from “Suite of Old American Dances” (More about this suite next week)
  • “Caravan”
  • “Irish Tune from County Derry”
  • Swing from “American Dances”

Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and join us Monday evening, July 8th, On the Green in downtown Bloomfield. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. across Broad Street from the Bloomfield Public Library.

*Thanks to Wynn Literature for this information about “Cajun Folk Songs.”


Rehearsals are held at the Bloomfield Middle School on Huck Road from mid-September through mid-June (location may vary). Rehearsals start promptly at 7:30 PM and end at 9:30 PM